First General Assembly

Resolutions of the First General Assembly

[Adopted on July 6, 2011 in Manila, Philippines] RESOLUTION EXPRESSING SOLIDARITY WITH THE HEALTH WORKERS’ STRUGGLE AGAINST KAISER PERMANENTE’S PROFIT-DRIVEN CUTBACKS Whereas, Kaiser (a not-for-profit corporation), while making an average profit of US$10 million a day, has planned to cut the workers healthcare and retirement benefits and has refused to agree on safe staffing ratios;Continue reading “Resolutions of the First General Assembly”


[Vedtatt på den første Generalforsamlingen til International Women`s Alliance (IWA), 5. juli, 2011 i Manila, Filippinene.] I – Arven vår Arbeidende kvinner i verden har lenge vært i forgrunnen i folks motstand mot kapitalisme og imperialisme, helt fra organiseringen på grasrotsnivå og ut til globale nettverk. Gjennom det siste århundret har kvinner verden over kjempetContinue reading “Manilaerklæringen”

Manila Declaration of Unity (French)

DÉCLARATION DE MANILLE D’UNITÉ DE L’ALLIANCE INTERNATIONALE DES FEMMES (AIF) [Adopté, 5 juillet 2011, À Manille, Philippines] I – Notre héritage Les femmes laborieuses du monde ont longtemps été à l’avant plan de la résistance des peuples contre le capitalisme et l’impérialisme en s’organisant à la base jusqu’à la création de réseaux internationaux. Depuis unContinue reading “Manila Declaration of Unity (French)”

Manila Declaration of Unity (Spanish)

Declaración de Manila DE LA UNIDAD DE LA ALIANZA INTERNACIONAL DE MUJERES (IWA) [Adoptado Julio 5 2011, Manila, Filipinas] I – Nuestro Legado Las mujeres trabajadoras del mundo han estado a la vanguardia de la resistencia popular contra el capitalismo y el imperialismo desde el nivel de organización popular en expansión con redes globales. DuranteContinue reading “Manila Declaration of Unity (Spanish)”

First Assembly’s Women of Valor

On July 6, the IWA First General Assembly honored four women who selflessly dedicated their lives for the advancement of human rights, justice, freedom and peace in the world. These women were recognized as Women of Valor for their decades-long service to the people and for their indispensible contribution to the struggle for women’s liberationContinue reading “First Assembly’s Women of Valor”


Primera Asamblea General(PAG) celebrada el 5 y 6 de Julio del 2011 en Manila Filipinas La Alianza internacional de mujeres celebro con éxito su primera Asamblea General et 5 y 6 de julio 2011 en la Ciudad de Quezon, Filipinas, bajo el lema.  “Avanzar el Movimiento Global Anti-imperialista de Mujeres! Fortalecer la Alianza Internacional deContinue reading “ANUNCIO DE LA ALIANZA INTERNACIONAL DE MUJERES”

Announcement on the IWA FGA

The International Women’s Assembly (IWA) successfully held its First General Assembly (FGA) on July 5 and 6, 2011 in Quezon City, Philippines under the theme, “Advance the Global Anti-imperialist Women’s Movement! Strengthen the International Women’s Alliance!”. The FGA which was hosted by GABRIELA Philippines was attended by 99 delegates and observers from 67 organizations fromContinue reading “Announcement on the IWA FGA”

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