About Us

The International Women’s Alliance (IWA) is a global alliance of  grassroots-based women’s organizations, institutions, alliances, networks and individuals united in establishing a democratic, anti-imperilaist, progressive women’s movement in the 21st century.

We, the women workers, peasants, indigenous, urban poor, professionals and academicians from Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, Latin America and North America, are united in the goal of liberating women from historical oppression and exploitation and in establishing an alternative system founded on genuine democracy, freedom, justice, equality and peace.

We aspire for a society that recognizes, promotes and protects the rights and interests of women and is void of all forms of discrimination and violnce against women.

We strive to intensify local struggles and campaigns against imperialism and capitalism, strengthen international solidarity, and contribute to the people’s struggle for national liberation, sovereignty and self-determination.